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Go Slow To Go Fast

Tressa Rieser, Primal Health Coach, enjoying the sunshine and scenery on a beautiful fall day.
Tressa Rieser, Primal Health Coach, enjoying the sunshine and scenery on a beautiful fall day.

Go Slow To Go Fast...

We live as if there aren’t enough hours in the day—we feel anxious and stressed much of the time by the pressures of life.

And now, with the holidays fast approaching, the extra things that this time of the year brings can ramp up our stress levels even higher. But, if we go slow, doing each thing calmly and carefully, we will get them done quicker and with much less stress.

Reframing Perception

Life with its beauty and splendor is also stressful and messy—no way around it!

We know that prolonged stress is a catalyst for inflammation and has destructive effects on our body. While it seems we have little or no control over our nervous system’s response to a life-threatening fight-or-flight situation, for example being chased by a bear, the truth is we do have a certain level of control over how and when the stress response is triggered in non-life-threatening situations.

Ideally, we should harness the powerful fight-or-flight response system only for brief intense stressful situations that command peak physical and cognitive performance; common stress-provoking elements of modern life should be perceived differently in order to mute the stress response.

When we’re able to reframe our perception of an environmental stimulus, we gain more control over the stress response. Our thoughts especially serve as stimuli to elicit a corresponding hormonal response that triggers pleasant/happy/beautiful feelings for instance, or the opposite hostile/sad/repulsive feelings.

Relaxation techniques are amazing to help reframe your perception and bring down the stress response system in play. Here are some tried and true techniques that are easy and practical:

  • Deep breathing: inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly, at least twice as long for ten breaths (more if time allows)

  • Meditation/prayer/silence

  • Acknowledge daily the people/things you’re grateful for

  • Get out in the sun/nature/fresh air for ten to twenty minutes

  • Get optimal sleep—crucial!


Slowing life down helps bring harmony into our life and has huge health benefits. Our primal genes are accustomed to a natural slower pace than that of our hectic modern way of living.

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” ~William James

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I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to respond to this blog with your comments, or contact me with questions or feedback. Be well and live awesome! :)Tressa


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