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The Primal Blueprint to a Balanced



Primal Rx

Instead of falling victim to your genetic vulnerabilities, you can control how your genes express themselves in constantly rebuilding, repairing, and renewing your cells. This idea that you can reprogram your genes through your behavior is the central premise of Primal Rx. The Primal (aka Ancestral) Way is not a diet of deprivation or calorie counting, but rather it is a fun and sensible approach to healthy living that puts you in the driver’s seat and reconnects you with your own personal recipe (genetic expression) for ideal body composition, optimal health and longevity, which have been molded by two million years of human evolution.


Reset-21 Program

Yes, you do have the power to be a fat-burning beast and become lean, strong, energetic and healthy! Twenty-one days represents a benchmark in the gene reprogramming process and is also believed by many experts to be the length of time required to eliminate old habits and replace them with new ones. Your ideal body composition and harmony require true habit and lifestyle change. In our Reset-21 Program, you will learn fun and exciting lifestyle choices through simple and sensible shifts in healthy behaviors. The Reset-21 Program is for all adults regardless of your starting point!


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