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Elixinol's high quality standards ensure products of superior sourcing, pharmaceutical-grade testing, complete transparency and traceability, and innovative

product formulation...

Because Quality Matters!

Elixinol works with seed breeders and suppliers, growers, harvesters, cleaners, primary processors, manufacturers, laboratories and quality control personnel (in-house, contracted and third party) to source the highest-quality hemp from around the

world for use in their products. Elixinol products are

available in various deliveries to support optimal

bioavailability and options to fit into any lifestyle.

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Primal Kitchen® Collagen Fuel is packed with carefully selected, high quality ingredients to make uncompromisingly delicious shakes and smoothies without refined sugar, dairy, whey or soy ingredients. With the unique properties of collagen—one of the most abundant proteins in the human body—this unbeatable blends a delightful way to support skin, hair, and nails. The best part: thanks to its tasty infusion of coconut milk powder, vanilla extract, monk fruit extract, and sea salt, this Paleo-Approved Collagen Fuel makes for a simple addition to your routine that’s kind to your taste buds and your body. What are you waiting for? Get ready to stir, blend, and shake!


  • Made with Bovine Collagen Peptides

  • Supports Hair, Skin & Nails

  • Keto, Primal and Paleo Friendly

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