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The "Go Primal" Way!

Going Primal puts you in the driver’s seat on your journey to optimal health. Sadly, conventional wisdom has perpetuated a distorted message—that you have little control over the aging process or your genetic predispositions to health problems and excess body fat. When in actuality, you have the ability to transform and reprogram many of your genes.

You have the power to press the “reset” button on the runaway decline in human health that is prevalent throughout the modern world. You have the ability to reconnect with your own personal recipes for optimal health, ideal body composition, and longevity, which have been molded by two million years of human evolution. Going Primal is for everyone. Regardless of your starting point, past failures, or bad luck with familial genes, you can transform your life into an empowered state—starting with your next meal and next workout. Your genes expect you to be lean, strong, energetic, and healthy.

Your Leader To
The Primal Way

I know what it's like to feel lost and dejected--I can remember the confusion, embarrassment, and despair I suffered in my late thirties due to the serious adverse effects of an undiagnosed auto-immune disease that not only affected my appearance but every aspect of my life. My journey to restore my health and regain control of my life ignited in me a deep passion to share how you can embrace a healthy lifestyle as an essential and invaluable step toward not only preventing diseases but also realizing your dreams! I'm your partner on this 21-day journey as you hop in the driver’s seat to make lifestyle changes that will transform your health and life. Don’t delay! Book your seat in the Reset-21 Program to get started on a life-changing experience to exceptional health which is your genetic birthright.

~Tressa Rieser, Primal Health Coach

Why A Health Coach?

A good health coach possesses knowledge and mentors you on how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from where you want to be. For some, setting and achieving these life-changing goals can be overwhelming! Health coaches help bring alignment and intentionality to your goals so that you can not only achieve them but also form the habits to sustain them. Simply put, we partner with individuals to create a healthier, happier you.


A good health coach possesses knowledge and mentors you on how to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you where you are versus where you want to be. A health coach is always in your corner and helps you to create an environment where you take control of your health and thrive. Health coaches help you to construct vital strategies and plans for lasting change while also stepping in as your personal accountability partner!



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