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Become A Fat-Burning Beast

Love The Way You Look & Feel

Are You Frustrated By The Way You Look & Feel? 

It's Not Just You...

Fact #1—by the time we reach our mid-thirties, we start losing muscle mass and replace it with fat.

Fact #2—cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer's, and other diseases linked to lifestyle are soaring!

Bring To Life Your Awesomeness!

The Primal Way

Instead of falling victim to your genetic vulnerabilities, you have the power to reprogram your genes to be lean, strong, energetic and healthy! Reprogramming your genes through behavior is the central premise of the Primal Way.

Together, we put into action the proven principles of our Primal ancestors to create true habit and lifestyle changes where you will:

  Look fabulous in those skinny jeans and crop tops (guys—no shirt!)


Have a fresh outlook on life and fulfilling your wildest dreams


 Wake up energized and eager to share the real and awesome YOU with the world!

Reconnect With
The Awesome You

As a Primal Health Coach, I support and guide adults who are confused and discouraged about their weight,
body image, and outlook on their health overcome obstacles they struggle with. Molded by the principles of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, I help clients
construct vital strategies and reconnect them with their own personal recipes
for ideal body composition and
optimal health and longevity.


Eat and Exercise Intuitively

Ditch calorie-counting and long hours exercising

Simplify and Enjoy Life

Realize balance and harmony in your life

Look Good Naked (LGN)

Burn body fat and love the way look and feel​

Life-Changing In Only 21 DAYS

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Going Primal is for everyone regardless of your starting point, past failures or bad luck with familial genes.

With commitment and purpose, you can transform your life into an empowered state. Your genes expect you to be lean, strong, energetic, and healthy—it's your genetic birthright!

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