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Exercise--A Bad Word

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Tressa Rieser, Primal Health Coach, stretching before Jiu-Jitsu training, an activity that not only keeps her fit, but one she loves.
Tressa Rieser, Primal Health Coach, stretching before Jiu-Jitsu training, an activity that not only keeps her fit, but one she loves.

Exercise—A Bad Word

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a puzzling title coming from a health coach.” Well, let me clue you in…

Just like the word “diet,” “exercise” typically spawns negative connotations. For many, “exercise” formulates thoughts of grueling hours of monotonous physical exertion in order to manage body weight and stay strong and flexible. However, a negative mindset enables defeat from the get-go and it’s the reason most of us find it extremely difficult to stick with an exercise program.

Movement Mindset

To create a positive experience (with anything, but in this context “exercise”), you must eliminate negativity by creating an environment where new feelings/emotions are abound that ultimately construct new thoughts and behaviors to replace the negative ones.

One way I do this is, rather than saying “exercise,” I say “movement” because it implies life and energy. Our movements aren’t just a devoted slotted time for exerting in a specific way; instead they encompass movements all day long, and are critical to our quality of life and longevity. Looking at “exercise” from the perspective of “movement integrated throughout your day” frames it as a more natural and intuitive approach that’s sustainable and creates a true habit for a healthy lifestyle.

Move Your Way!

Movement should not only be natural and intuitive, but also recreational at times. Find activities you enjoy that are fun, exhilarating, and challenging to motivate you. In this way, your energy will be off the chain because you’re looking forward to something you enjoy rather than dreading the drudgery of another exercise routine.

My movement program includes Jiu-Jitsu, SUP, and dancing. Not only do I find them fun, exhilarating and challenging on many levels, but they also force my body to move in many different postures, ranges and varying weight/resistance/pressure. Avoid activities that consistently move your joints in a repetitive range of motion and unvaried resistance in order to benefit the entire body and prevent injury from strain and overuse.


It’s your life, so make it uniquely yours! Take time to discover the infinite healthy options at your disposal that inspire and motivate YOU. Your life matters—you were born for a reason—being healthy is essential to living an abundant and purposeful life!

In my free eBook, Seven Actions To Kick Start Fat Burning Without Going To The Gym, I list several practical ideas to help you move more frequently throughout your day. You can find the free eBook by clicking Free Fat Burning Offer.

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to respond to this blog with your comments, or contact me with questions or feedback. Be well and live awesome!


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