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Disregard Creates Disconnect

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Healthy living begins with the willingness to recognize and release outdated beliefs and open your mind to new ideas in order to respond to who you are being.
Tressa Rieser, Primal Health Coach, explains how closed-mindedness and rigidity lead to apathy and mediocrity.

Disregard Creates Disconnect

One of my close family members likes to tell me, “If it’s healthy, it doesn’t taste good.” My reply to this person, who I love immensely, is “Do you really think I eat food that doesn’t taste good?” He then proceeds to tell me, “Well, I’m going to die of something, so it might as well be the food I like to eat.” I’m just left shaking my head in disbelief, lol.

The Disregard

As a health coach, and with my family and friends, I more than occasionally run into unyielding beliefs surrounding healthy living; and when I do, I recognize how they came into being—they choose to disregard the possibilities of another idea. Disregarding an idea that is new or different without due consideration, is a lost opportunity for potential growth, and consequently perpetuates mediocrity. I love the way Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it:

Same thoughts always lead to the same choices, same choices lead to the same behavior and the same behaviors lead to same experiences and the same experiences produce the same emotions and these emotions drive the very same thoughts. ~Joe Dispenza

The Disconnect

Our technological advances have turbo powered emerging science and research, debunking many theories and previous beliefs. Disregarding new ideas, despite a continuum of new evidence, information, or reason, not only hinders personal growth, but also fosters a narrow mindedness. I'll try to illustrate this with a real-life experience of my own:

Ethically-sourced food and merchandise is a standard of huge importance to me, but it's not always been that way. Growing up, my parents' income was on the low end of middle-wages and money was always tight raising a family of five. I'd often hear things like "Money doesn't grow on trees," and growing up this way hugely shaped my belief system on money. For years as an adult, my purchases were solely based on need and how much it cost—I didn't consider (disregard) if my purchase supported the wellbeing of people, animal care, or care of our planet. I was locked (close minded) into a mindset that created an insensitive behavior (apathy) about others and being a good steward (disconnect). Fortunately, I was able to recognize my scarcity mindset and change it from a negative perspective to a positive and meaningful one.

"Disregard creates close mindedness that leads to apathy which creates disconnect."

Making a Connection

No one can be right all the time, and yet there’s magically something that can be learned by listening openly. Valuable lessons not only come from our achievements and mistakes, but when we truly connect with others, we will grow from their experiences—revealing moments and awareness manifest when and where you least expect them!

Another thing I've learned is rigidity leads to mediocrity meaning, when we’re blinded by one viewpoint or one way of doing something, we’ve greatly limited our ability to see and grasp wonderful opportunities that come our way that help us discover our purpose and fulfill our legacy. Considering new ideas elevate our mind, heart and spirit and connect us to possibilities greater than our self!


This writing piggybacks on my previous blog “Someone’s Superfood is Someone Else’s Kryptonite.” I’ve often times seen how a rigid mentality can sabotage healthy living. Our environment, diet, and even what we think are constantly changing, altering our biochemistry which impacts our individualized expression of health—nothing is going to be right all of the time—what works now will most likely be different from what works down the road.

Just as the universe is ever expanding, our minds are infinitely capable of expanding to higher levels of thinking, propelling us forward; but unlike the universe that expands regardless of our choosing, we must choose to enrich our minds and hearts or risk a life of mediocrity and indifference never realizing our legacy.

The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being. ~Joe Dispenza

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I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to respond to this blog with your comments, or contact me with questions or feedback. Be well and live awesome!


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