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You Can't Grow If You're Comfortable

You Can’t Grow If You’re Comfortable

This week has been an awesome and momentous one for me because I’ve published and made available my first eBook for download on my website!

This milestone did not come easily to me—I had to overcome strong feelings of inadequacy about writing on a larger scale. To overcome the distressing feelings of doubt and fear, I had to change my mindset. I realized that I wouldn’t grow personally or professionally if I only did things I felt comfortable doing, so I got outside my comfort zone and became vulnerable!


“Conviction and convenience don’t live on the same block—they don’t even live in the same zip code.” ~Lisa Nichols

I was able to overcome those self-limiting beliefs and snags with my writing because I had a burning desire to share insights and information I knew to be valuable in my own life that would also empower and inspire others to be healthy so that they can be their best.

From this conviction, Seven Actions To Kick Start Fat Burning Without Going To The Gym, was created. It illustrates how simple and effective Primal-aligned strategies can be implemented easily into your daily routine, and help you thrive on your unique journey to burn fat and respond with health for life.


I’m dedicated to never stop learning and growing. I'll accomplish this by getting in the trenches and doing the uncomfortable, risky, hard work it takes to always be expanding into the best version of myself, and together we can bring our awesomeness to the world!

Seven Actions To Kick Start Fat Burning Without Going To The Gym, is an easy read that's packed with practical tips for healthy living that are based in science. It is free and available for download on by clicking the “Free Fat-Burning Offer” button on the home page.

I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me with questions or feedback and you can respond to this blog with your comments. Be well and live awesome!

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